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The Story Behind Grimross Brewing’s Six-Packs

A consistently cold craft beer on a hot day. A little mid-week brewski to take the edge off after a long day at work. A shareable party pack of a Fredericton favourite.

These are the reasons Grimross Brewing introduced six-packs.

When Grimross first opened its doors, it made sense to package our beer in 16 oz. (473 mL) cans. The single tall cans provided less barriers for people wanting to try something new. Our customers could buy one and decide how much they liked it before committing to a larger quantity.

As time passed, Grimross became a household name and our customer loyalty grew. By now, people knew what they liked. And they wanted more of it—but in smaller cans.

This new offering consists of six 12 oz. (355 mL) cans, which are canned and boxed in our bre

wery by hand. Customer favourites like Maritime Pale Ale, Cheval D’Or, and Pugnacious Porter (among others) were chosen for the new packaging because they already have a reputation of being popular with beer lovers. Some of our seasonal beers, like the Tree Hugger Maple Brown, will also be available in six-pack format.

The six-packs are available in our brewtique and New Brunswick liquor stores (ANBL). For now, grocery stores will still sell our single 16 oz. cans. The Grimross brewtique is the only place in town where you can buy 12 oz. single cans, allowing you to continue mixing and matching your favourites!

Cracking Open Freshness

The feedback we’ve received about our new six-packs has been extremely positive. “I love the new six-packs,” says one Grimross beer lover. “By the time I get to the bottom of my drink, it’s still cold and carbonated!”

The six-packs provide more convenience and make a bigger impact on store shelves; the boxes feature the unmistakable Grimross brand for immediate customer recognition.

Environmental protection also factored into the six-pack design. “We believe the recyclable boxes are better than the plastic rings people have been using to self-package single cans at the brewtique,” says Stephen Dixon, president of Grimross Brewing.

We’d like to thank our customers for the input that led us to roll out these spiffy six-packs. Grimross Brewing is committed to crafting the ultimate beer experience—one that can be enjoyed one ultra-fresh sip at a time.

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