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Staff Series: Meet Melissa

We’d like to introduce you to Melissa.

Melissa is a recent graduate of Saint Thomas University, and is currently working towards her dream job of working in a museum one day. For now though - you can find her behind the bar, ready to serve you with a smile!

In her free time Melissa often lets her inner artist loose and enjoys to paint. Some of her other favourite activities include reading, rewatching Spiderman movies and visiting with her Nana.

We’ve asked Melissa a few questions to help you get to know her a bit better:

Tell us about your first experience with craft beer:

My first experience with craft beer was coming to Grimross back in 2017 when my roommate - Ashley first moved to NB. She wanted to check out the beer scene, so we had a couple pints and listened to some music in the taproom.

What is your Favourite Grimross Beer?

Hop Blonde, baby!!! 😍

What do you like the best about working in a brewery?

My favourite thing about working in the brewery is all of the wonderful and loyal customers - and the beer of course!

*Controversial Question Alert*

Who is your favourite Spiderman?

Toby McGuire 🕷

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Joey Saunders
Joey Saunders
Apr 06, 2021

toby all the way...and this interview is really cute

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