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Maritime Pale Ale 
A hop-forward American Pale Ale, dry-hopped to showcase pine, citrus and stone fruit aromas. Moderate bitterness keeps MPA refreshing, though some sweetness should linger.

5.6% 35 IBU
White Beer
A classic hazy wheat beer boasting a well balanced combination of wheat, with subtle notes of orange peel and coriander. 

5.2% 13 IBU
Praha Bohemian Lager
Czech Lager with crisp bitterness and herbal hop notes. Grassy and herbal aromas. 

3.8%  29 IBU
Cheval D'or 
Cheval is complex in taste. You can expect black pepper and fruity notes such as that all come from the expressive yeast. In the background to this you can expect a crisp, dry finish with medium malt character.

5.6%  19 IBU
Maritime IPA
On the nose MIPA has aromas of grapefruit and sweet citrus with light tropical pine and floral notes. With undertones of gentle malt sweetness throughout, MIPA finishes with robust hop character and smooth bitterness.

6.5% 57 IBU

Crisp, golden Strong Ale with balanced fruit and spice notes and a clean, dry finish. Grimdonk's aroma will present notes of banana, clove, and coriander. When tasting Grimdonk you will find strong, Belgian flavours deriving from the yeast in addition to the malt characteristics creating a low bitterness.

6.5% 17 IBU
Juicy-IPA-1-NB (1).png
Juicy IPA 
Juicy has a creamy mouthfeel brimming with new world hop character. 
On the nose our Juicy IPA presents fresh, tropical fruit and intensely floral hops. You can expect a moderately sweet, fruity palate and long lingering dryness in the finish.

6.5%. 60 IBU
Maritime Cream Ale
Clean ale, with tones of honey, light biscuit and moderate herbal notes. 

4.8%. 16 IBU
Grimrauch presents a distinct smoky aroma and flavor reminiscent of bacon or smoked wood. This dark, amber brew combines these smoky notes with mild hop bitterness and a hint of malt sweetness, offering a unique, robust profile. 

5%. 25 IBU
Scratch Series Logo.png
Floral Arrangement 2
Force of Nature
Mango passionfruit wheat ale, bringing out the best of the tropical notes. Slightly hazy with vibrant coloring. 

York County Cider/Wild Cherry

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