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Unique to the Grimross line up Hop Blonde combines some of the juiciest American hops with the finest maritime malts to create this summertime crusher.

From the Brewers Desk:

Hop Blonde Can

On the nose you will smell a variety of tropical and stone fruits [peach, mango, apricot, pineapple], with hints of citrus. When you take a sip you can expect to be greeted by juicy, tropical fruit similar to the aroma, accompanied by a bold hop character that is slightly resinous. Unlike an IPA - this beer has a strong hop character with reduced IBU’s making it more sessionable.​

|6% ABV | 23 IBU|

Did you know...

Hop Blonde started out as Scratch #12 and has become one of our most popular seasonals to date!

Where can I buy Hop Blonde?

Hop Blonde is a seasonal brew that is available over the summer months. You can find it in cans, growlers, and on tap at our brewery, if you can't make it for a visit, you can find Hop Blonde at the following locations:

On tap at local restaurants across New Brunswick

473ml cans are available at ANBL stores across the province

[when in season]

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