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Tmavý Pivo Clock


Semi-dry with a smooth mouthfeel, slight roasted characters. Notes of coffee, chocolate, brown bread and molasses.

From the Brewers Desk:

Tmavý will give you aromas of roasty coffee, chocolate and molasses that derive from the malt. When you take a sip you can expect a very similar flavour profile to the smell. You'll notice a lingering brown bread after taste with a silky smooth mouthfeel that comes from the wheat.

|4.8% ABV | 20 IBU|

Tmavý Pivo Can

Did you know...

Tmavý Pivo {'t-ma-vee pivo} translates directly to Dark Beer in Czech. 

Tmavý Pivo is the well deserved recipient of a bronze medal regionally at the 2020 Down East Brewing Awards.

Down East Brewing Awards 2020 Bronze Medal

Where can I buy Tmavy Pivo?

Tmavý Pivo is a seasonal brew that is available in the late fall into winter months. You can find it in cans, growlers, and on tap at our brewery, if you can't make it for a visit you can find Tmav​ý at the following locations:

On tap at local restaurants across New Brunswick

473ml cans are available at ANBL stores across the province

[when in season]

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