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International Beer Day

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

The first Friday in August is International Beer Day! While it’s (unfortunately) not a national holiday, International Beer Day is the perfect occasion to share our united love for craft beer.

Beers of the World

International Beer Day celebrate beers of all nations. After all, it’s a big beer world out there! There are hundreds of documented beer styles, the origins of which are spread out around the globe. From the dry stout of Ireland to the India pale ale of England to the original pilsner lager of the Czech Republic and the gose of Germany, beer has become ingrained into the international landscape. Good beer goes beyond borders and into the raised glasses of those who love experimenting with different styles.

Belgian Beer

Grimross Brewing got its start with Belgian-inspired beers. Belgian beers are primarily ales (as opposed to lagers) that emphasize malts, yeast and—above all—experimentation.

Historically, Belgian brewers weren’t limited by law the same way German brewers were. For example, Belgium never had an equivalent to the German reinheitsgebot, a purity law that restricted brewers to using nothing but barley, hops, water and yeast. This gave Belgian brewers much more freedom to experiment with unique flavour combinations, creating some incredible beer along the way.

For a geographically small country, Belgium has an impressive number of beer styles. The American Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) lists thirteen styles of Belgian beer, including:

  • Belgian White or Witbier

  • Lambic

  • Saison or Farmhouse Ale

  • Dubbel

  • Tripel

  • Quadrupel

Uniquely Atlantic Canadian, Crafted in the Belgian Tradition

Grimross prides itself on mixing tradition with innovation. We make world-class beer using both Belgian and Maritimes-grown ingredients. We also often use different Belgian yeast strains that we source from Canada, as well as internationally.

In essence, the brewers at Grimross try to recognize the time-honoured Belgian tradition while still putting their own stamp on the signature style. The result? Great beer that defies style conventions.

How to Celebrate International Beer Day

There are many ways to celebrate International Beer Day. Here are some ideas:

  • Try something new! If you usually drink porters, try a pale ale. Even those who typically dislike beer can now find something to their taste thanks to the large variety of beers. A great way to experiment is with flights, four mini glasses of craft beer to help you find some new favourites.

  • Give the gift of beer. Treat your friends to a round, or bring home a surprise four-pack from the brewery—perfect for the long weekend!

  • Thank your bartender (maybe it’s a larger-than-usual tip or an extra enthusiastic high-five) and be sure to thank your brewer, too. Brewers often don’t hear much feedback from drinkers because they’re usually behind the scenes. Just like you’d tell a waiter to inform the chef of a particularly delicious meal, if you like the beer you’re drinking, say so!


From our friendly craft brewery to your glass, cheers to International Beer Day!

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