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Inspiring Beer Innovation through Education

When it comes to brewing and serving craft beer, we know our stuff.

Grimross Brewing values our employees and our customers. That’s why education is a core part of our business model. By educating our staff, we can pass that knowledge along to you, the drinkers of our delicious craft brews!

The training offered through Grimross runs the gamet; it’s an important part of every role in our company. From behind-the-scenes science in the brewery to knowledgeable servers in our taproom, Grimross prides itself on ensuring only the highest-quality beer experience.

Institute of Brewers and Distillers (IBD) at Grimross Brewing

Those with an IBD Diploma have earned an internationally-recognized and comprehensive understanding of brewing science and its application. IBD’s Brewer’s Diploma is for advanced technical brewers and consists of three modules, which are 120-hours each. Chris and Callum, two valued members of the Grimross team, are currently completing in this comprehensive program.

Cicerones at Grimross Brewing

The Cicerone® Certification Program is the industry standard for beer professionals. A Cicerone is similar to a "sommelier" in the wine world. The program consists of four certification levels:

Level 1: Certified Beer Server, a first-level certification for those who work with beer

Level 2: Certified Cicerone, a certification for professionals dedicated to beer

Level 3: Advanced Cicerone, a designation of distinctive expertise and tasting skill

Level 4: Master Cicerone, the ultimate test of beer expertise

Grimross’ own Cicerone, Ian, is one of only five advanced cicerones in Canada, and the ONLY one in Eastern Canada (at the time of writing). He uses his knowledge to train others on the Grimross team.

All of our front staff are trained Certified Cicerones. This goes above and beyond other bartending positions, but we believe this kind of education breeds the best people and the best beer (but hey, we’re a bit biased).

Our servers can speak intelligently about the differences between each beer because they have a broader understanding of the language of beer. This allows them to make recommendations and greatly improve the beer drinkers’ experience.

Continued Beer Education

Beer education extends into Grimross’ business development efforts and deliveries, where we learn first-hand what people have enjoyed. We learn how we can help local restaurants, pubs and liquor stores better inform their customer base, like we do visitors in our taproom.

Continued beer education extends to the Grimross owners, Stephen Dixon and Dawn Vincent-Dixon. We love learning about beer, what beers our customers like most, and new advancements in the brewing industry. Knowing these things helps us decide where we want to take the brewery in the future.

The more you know about beer, the better it tastes!

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