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A hop forward black ale with aromas of roasted coffee, citrus and piney hops.

Maritime Black IPA Can

From the Brewers Desk:

Black IPA features aromas like dark roasted coffee, chocolate, pine and other woody characters, black liquorice, and a mild roastiness. When you take a sip you can expect to be met by a hop forward, medium bitterness, with slight notes of coffee blended with pine, anise and a mild roasty flavour.

|6.2% ABV | 35 IBU|

Canadian Brewing Awards 2018 Silver Medal

We are proud to showcase our Maritime Black IPA as the winner of a silver medal in its category at the 2018 Canadian Brewing Awards!

Where can I buy Maritime Black IPA?

Maritime Black IPA is a seasonal beer that is available in the later fall months, leading into winter. You can find it in cans, growlers, and on tap at our brewery. If you can't make it for a visit, you can find Black IPA at the following locations:

On tap at local restaurants around NewBrunswick

473ml cans available at ANBL stores across the province

[when in season]

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