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Salted, and spiced with coriander gives Gose German Wheat a complex and refreshing drinking experience!

From the Brewers Desk:

Light bodied with a spritzy carbonation, Gose will present aromas of lemon and coriander with a wild yeast[brett] funk. When you take a sip you're going to find that the salt and coriander spice are dominated by tart lemon flavours.

|4.5% ABV | 8 IBU|

Gose German Wheat Ale Can

Did you know...

Gose {goes-uh} German wheat ale is the evolution of our Scratch #18: Session Sour. 

Where can I buy Gose German Wheat Ale?

Gose German Wheat is a seasonal that is available in the later months of spring leading into summer. You can find it in cans, growlers, and on tap at our brewery. If you can't make it for a visit, you can find Gose German Wheat at the following locations:

On tap at local restaurants across New Brunswick

473ml cans are available at ANBL stores around the province

[when in season]

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